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When James Nicoll, long time poster to rec.arts.sf.written and a Canadian bookseller, started suffering from readers block he found the usual methods of breaking it didn't work. Reader's block, similair to writer's block is the inability to read any book, often brought upon by too much work, stress or just frustration with the books you usaully read. Methods of breaking reader's block are reading outside the genres you normally read, reading shorter works, revisiting old favourites or reading "light" books.

But in James' case, none of this methods worked. So he resorted to more drastic measures and started reviewing a book a day on rec.arts.sf.written. That way he was forced to read, a sort of brute strength strategy, so to speak. To make this more interesting James decide to review only books set in or around the year 2000, millennial reviews in other words. (Just ignore the fact that the real millennium only starts 1 januari 2001, okay?)

Since then about thirty reviews have been posted and I found it a shame these weren't available for future reading. Luckily James agreed and with his permission I've archived and htmlised them and made them available here. The actual reviews have been cleaned up a bit with regards to spelling, abbreviations and such. Apart from that and adapting them to html, nothing has been changed.

All Millennial reviews are the copyright of James Nicoll and are put on this website with his permission. Nothing from them may be copied without the consent of the original author.

The following Millennial Reviews are now available:

Looking Backwards
Eward Bellamy
Ben Bova
The Door into Summer
Robert A. Heinlein
Equality: In the Year 2000
Mack Reynolds
The Year of the Quiet Sun
Wilson Tucker
Judgement of Eve
Edgar Pangborn
The Texas-Israeli War: 1999
Jake Saunders & Howard Waldrop
2001: A Space Odyssey
Arthur C. Clarke
Greg Bear
The Persistence of Vision
John Varley
Systemic Shock
Dean Ing
The Tomorrow File
Lawrence Sanders
The Byworlder
Poul Anderson
Spider & Jeanne Robinson
Ballroom of the Skies
John D. MacDonald
Salvage and Destroy
Edward Llewellyn
The Whole Man
John Brunner
Human to Human
Rebecca Ore
Oath of Fealty
Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle
After Doomsday
Poul Anderson
Bob Shaw
Dover Beach
Richard Bowker
The Moon Goddess And the Son
Donald Kingsbury
Alongside Night
J. Neil Schulman
The Harvest
Robert Charles Wilson
The Fall of the Republic
Crawford Kilian
The Far Call
Gordon R. Dickson
Ernest Callenbach
H. Beam Piper
After Things Fell Apart
Ron Goulart
Clifford Simak
A Martian Odyssey
Stanley G. weinbaum
Gregory Benford
Make Room! Make Room!
- Harry Harrison
First Citizen
Thomas T. Thomas

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