Comedy Double: Maple Leaf Special

A kind pseudonymous person who has my everlasting gratitude has posted up a bunch of clips from “Aaagh! It’s the Mr. Hell Show!”, the late, lamented animated sketch series voiced by Bob Monkhouse. It was a UKian/Canadian coproduction that ran for only 13 episodes but it’s my favourite animated series ever. Sorry Simpsons, but it has cephalopods. Sorry Futurama, you don’t have a psychopathic baby seal with a machine gun.

Anyway, on with the clips – and of course I had to start with the poor lonely, giant squid. Arrgh, why do I always do that?

Next up is my favourite character of the series, Serge, The Fashion Seal of Death. Don’t you love it when cute, furry animals hit back against dictators?

“Mama! Papa!” I’ve never understood why Mr Hell wasn’t a bigger hit.

Staying on the Canananadadian theme, here’s an hilarious bonus clip from a Canadian tv comedy “Talking To Americans”, which is, guess what, mocking ignorant Americans.

How dare they? I suggest you guys invade. No, not that way, you fools, go north