BNP Fail

Various socialist blogs are busy with their ritual “stop the BNP” dance as the European elections approach, arguing about tactical voting and voting for which party will “let the BNP in” but how dangerous is the BNP really? Daniel Davis for one doesn’t think it’s very likely they’ll win a seat: “ The polls are coming in, and BNP support is basically slap bang where it was in 2004 – about 4% in online polling and about 2% when people actually have to identify themselves face to face as a BNP supporter.

Apart from the polling data, which can always turn out to be wrong or too optimistic, there are other indications the BNP isn’t that much of a threat this time around. They’ve put their foot in their mouth on the Gurkha question, not to mention questioning a victoria Cross recipient on his bravery, neither of which does much for their patriotic “we’re not racist, honest guv” image.

BNP election leaflet fail

Now take a look at their election leaflet, with its Union Jack imagery and patriotic spitfire and properly British people smiling and explaining why they like the BNP. But: