Not moving on

David Miliband thinks voters should stop punishing Labour for the WAr on Iraq. Quoth FlyingRodent:

The British Government, ladies and gentlemen – grovellingly apologetic for charging a few flatscreen TVs to the public purse.

But perpetually petulant with endless butthurt that people won’t stop going on and on about the catastrophic, mega-billion pound military bloodbath.

Are we living in a world in which Blair is as pacing his narrow cell at Den Haag, awaiting the verdict of the court, haunted by the ghosts of his victims, his life ruined, the last to be sentenced, his peers and former colleagues who voted for the war already locked up? Or are we in a world in which he’s swanning about the globe calling himself a peace envoy to the Middle East, the fact that he isn’t struck down by lightning the first time he said that the clearest possible proof for the non-existence of a just god, a multimillionaire, amply rewarded for his crimes? Until the former is true rather than the latter, Miliband can whistle for his clemency.

And no, it’s not just British voters who think this way, as Malaysian anti-war activists tried to serve him with an indictment for war crimes. The video at the top of the post shows the warm reception Blair got. If Blair dies in a fire it’s still too good for him.