What being pro-life really means

Women like this one, bleeding out and (almost) dying from non-safe abortions:

I looked around. A forest of IV poles, laden with blood instead of fruit. Everyone not directly helping was running back and forth to the pharmacy or blood bank. A nurse and another surgeon started to clean the floor. We were all bonded by this nameless woman whose life we were desperately trying to save. And we were bearing witness, because we knew if she died it was unlikely anyone would read about her in the paper. It was unlikely her family would protest. A myriad of potential reasons. Shame of the abortion. Distrust of government. Fear of immigration officials.

Remember: banning abortions means only safe abortions will be banned and women will have to go back to back alley coathanger “abortionists”, which means more women will die. Socalled pro-lifers want this, because they only care about protecting the fetus, not the mother and they’d quite like it if women died for being slutty sexy sex having sluts.

If you’re pro-life, you support killing women. It’s that simple.

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