I want to live in her world

Because in NY state senator Suzi Oppenheimer’s world all the world’s worst problems must’ve been solved long ago if she can take time out of her busy schedule to tackle the threat of eating in the street:

You can hear an echo of Victorian finger-wagging nowadays from lawmakers who pit public eating against cleanliness, godliness and that elusive quality we refer to as being “civilized.” State Senator Suzi Oppenheimer, a Westchester Democrat who has signed on to Mr. Perkins’s bill, even went so far as to tell New Yorkers that we should eat “at tables or sitting down,” and that eating on the run “doesn’t add anything to our civilized society.”

Imagine that. No world wide depression, terrorist attacks or civil war in Syria, no health care problems or local concerns about rising criminality or high school dropout rates, just genteel concern for other people’s civility.

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