Your Happening World (23)

The ‘charging threshold’, ridiculous as it may sound, was to try those who had 20 or more UK Uncut leaflets on them at the time of arrest. I guess we will never know if this was a deliberate manipulation of the evidence, or just incompetence – neither of which reflect very well. It being clear that I was 4 leaflets shy of what the prosecution deem as guilty – they had to let me go. Well lucky me, but the remaining defendants are still there. Those 4 flimsy leaflets are what stand between me and my friends who are still on trial.

How the police decide who to prosecutefor the occupation of Fortnum & Mason last year during the anti-cuts demonstrations in London.

The power network behind the Murdoch phone hackings.

Christ, what kind of douchenozzle worries about his icecream being pro-ay marriage?

As a healthy antidote to the last link’s idiocity, have an oral history of The Brixton Fairies and the South London Gay Community Centre, Brixton 1974-6, courtesy of Urban75.

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