Grand Old Pedo party strikes again

This pedo, Kentucky State Rep. Dan Johnson. thought it would be a good idea to open his press conference with a little hymn before getting into his denial of having raped a seventeen year old girl. It’s always the ostentatiously religious isn’t it, the ones that are very well versed in the forms of Christianity without ever having understood its central message, who turn out to be the worst kiddie fiddlers.

Update: he topped himself:

Pushing back the radical right

As the Republicans have given up any pretense at wanting to govern for all of the population and are in fact busy dismantling the welfare state and civil rights where they can, resistance has been mounting. In North Carolina, where this rightwing agenda has been pushed particularly hard, 80,000 marched in the largest civil rights demonstration since the sixties:

It was a proud day for this Raleigh native. On Saturday, a crowd of riled-up citizens the North Carolina NAACP estimated to be upwards of 80,000—the largest such gathering in the South since the 1965 Selma to Montgomery march—headed to the state capitol to protest the extremist policies of North Carolina’s GOP-controlled legislature.

Black and white, young and old, gay and straight, the people gave voice to a full roster of outrages, from racist attacks on voting rights to the state government’s refusal to expand Medicaid to half a million vulnerable Tar Heels to limitations on women’s reproductive freedom. From a four-year-old girl carrying a sign that read “Nope to Pope!” (referring to Art Pope, the state’s multimillionaire budget director and Koch ally) to the indomitable Rosa Nell Eaton, a 92-year-old veteran of the Civil Rights movement, they were united with one message: “Forward together, not one step back.”

Republican senator in not quite evil enough to disown gay son shock!

Dave Lartigue is unimpressed by a Republican senator suddenly realising gay people aren’t that bad after all just because his own son has come out:

Some are praising this guy’s sudden awareness that maybe gay people can be human beings too as a triumph of family love or, at the very, most minimal, least, a “baby step”. But is it? Will Senator Portman be able to examine this feeling and logically extend it? “What if my son were poor? What if he were in need of basic healthcare? What if he were a woman?” We can all hope, but it seems unlikely. No less a monster than Dick Cheney is all for gay marriage, and for the same Gay Kid reason. Doesn’t change anything else about him.

Being able to accept your son is gay is about the minimum required to be a decent human being; you shouldn’t get a cookie for that. Nor should you be proud of the fact that the only reason you suddenly realise that gay people deserve human rights is because somebody you know is gay, as most people can reach that conclusion without necessarily knowing an out gay person.

GOP felt left out of Obama inaugural

The crybaby party whinges about not getting enough respect from the president they despise:

So, let me get this straight. Republicans spent Obama’s first term on a scorched-earth campaign, hoping to destroy his presidency and nearly everything he proposed. GOP leaders met privately exactly four years ago yesterday to plot their comeback by obstructing the president wherever possible, and refusing to compromise with Obama on literally anything, even when he embraced Republican ideas — and then they executed that plot without hesitation or shame.

After Obama received another endorsement from the American electorate, members of the shrinking Senate minority heard the president offer a robust defense of his governing vision, and their first reaction is … it lacked “outreach” to the other side?


Top Ten anti-gay activists forced out of the closet

It’s not true that every homophobe is just repressed about their own desires to suck cock, so to speak, but the odds increase drastically when they’re professional, paid homophobes, especially of a religious bent. And the more famous and agressively anti-gay they become, the more hilarious it is when they’re caught, as this top ten list of anti gay activists caught at it makes clear. My favourite:

Glenn Murphy Jr., former head of the Young Republicans and one of the (former) leading Republicans of Indiana, always advocated “straight” family values and straight forward sexual orientation views.

He was caught (finally, the second time he did it) performing fellatio on another Young Republican while that man slept, without that man’s consent.

He was later jailed in 2008 and as of March of 2010, has been forced to register as a sex offender.

It’s not that these people turn out to be more queer than a nine bob note, it’s that they almost always turn out to be rapist, sexual predators or people who have to pay for their sex….