Welcome to liberal Amsterdam

Writer Sibahle Nkumbi was in Amsterdam to support and report on the exhibition of her friend Zanele Muholi in the Stedelijk Museum, staying in an AirBnB flat. When according to their “hosts” they were late checking out, one of them threw Nkumbi down the stairs, leaving her concussed and injured. As shown in the video and interview below, it could’ve been so much worse.

Nkumbi’s experiences in Amsterdam showcase that tolerance and liberalism in the Netherlands is often no more than skindeep, that white Dutch people can be all smiles on the outside, but racist as fuck as soon as something breaks through that facade. In this case, Nkumbi and friends were late checking out and there came the racism flying out because how dare a Black woman mildly inconvenience a white man, culminating in assault. That’s the limit of white tolerance in the Netherlands: as long as everything goes well and you as a person of colour are not bothering anyone, we’ll accept you and thumb our chests about how liberal and accepting we are, until you do something we disapprove of.

Friday Comedy Double: Understanding the Dutch

Time to revive an old Prog Gold tradition and have ourselves a comedy double. This time it’s a special comedy introduction to understanding the Dutch.

American comedian Greg Shapiro, thesse days a proud Dutch citizen, starts us off with Planet Nederland, a look at the Dutch in their natural habitat:

Then it’s off to a double bill buy British comedian John Fealey, first explaining Queensday:

Then the Dutch version of Disneyland, Albert Heijn:

Finally, Philip Walkate has the Inburgeringscurse (part 2, 3), a sneak preview at the thorough education you’ll get if you decide to become a Dutch citizen. This may actually be completely incomprehensible if you’re not Dutch, but that shall me the sausage be, as we say here.

Lazy Friday picture post

Three funny tumblr picture blogs found this week:

cat in fridge
get out of there cat. you are not a head of lettuce. i cannot use you to make salad and you certainly will not taste good covered in ranch dressing.

blonde female students getting their A-Level results
It’s that time again… Time for UK students to get their A-Levels results and the newspapers to run sexy A-Levels pictures.

Finally, LOL Dutch people — which is not funny!

Holland’s role in the world

As explained in a 2005 diplomatic cable from the American ambassador in Den Haag:

SUMMARY: With the EU divided and its direction uncertain, the Dutch serve as a vital transatlantic anchor in Europe. As one of the original six EU members, the Dutch ally with the British to counter Franco-German efforts to steer Europe off a transatlantic course. The Netherlands’ solid European and international credentials create a powerful “multiplier” effect. In Iraq, Dutch forces provided the physical and political cover for Japan to deploy and the Dutch are using their NATO Training Mission commitment to push others to do more. In Afghanistan, the Dutch drove much of the Phase III planning for ISAF and deployed Dutch troops in combat operations for the first time in more than 30 years. The Dutch have led Europe in launching pilot projects to strengthen international counterterrorism cooperation, and initiated the U.S.-EU dialogue on terrorist financing which laid the groundwork for a proposed major international Terrorism Financing Conference in 2006.

If America is the police man of the world, Holland is its stoolie. Or perhaps “teacher’s pet” is a better description. Because our politicians always want to bring an apple for teacher, to show that they know their duty to support America’s wars…