There’s A Surprise

Quick, while they’re still shouting at about the expenses!

… quietly, via Labourhome:

Brown and Watson cleared from McBride/Draper fallout
alexhilton Tue May 12, 2009 at 11:23:00 AM GMT

The Cabinet Secretary Gus O’Donnell has investigated emails at No10 and written to Conservative MP Francis Maude reassuring him that no ministers or employees other than McBride were involved in the “dirty” email exchanged that led to his downfall.

Well he would, wouldn’t he?

I Expect Gordon Brown Already Has His Complimentary Copy, Not that It’ll Do Him Any Good

North Korea’s video instructions to the populace on how to vote:

See, apathetic UK voters, it’s easy. Step up, bow to the nice party officials, and don’t forget to vote overwhelmingly for the Dear Leader. It certainly works for Kim Jong Il, who got 99% of the vote in the last North Korean election: it could work for Gordo too. He could put a copy through every letter box along with the swine flu leaflets.

It’s the only way Labour under Brown will ever get elected again anytime soon, despite their members’ best efforts to subvert the vote.

Labour MPs know this. They see the gravy train rapidly steaming out of the station. That’s why there are so many carefully placed rumours Charles”I’m ashamed to be a Labour MP” Clarke is plotting for the leadership as a Blairite ‘safety’ candidate, just to get rid of Brown.

Prepare for mean, stalking safety elephant on a media rampage and worse; like the once-laughable Squirrel Nutkin Hazel Blears and the lightweight James Purnell being touted as actual contenders for PM.

But the Blairites’ve tried it numerous times before, and like the Dear Leader Brown’s still there, despite being universally loathed by the public and his own party alike.

They’ve all failed to dislodge Brown; despite every failure, every disaster, every mismanagement and however many Nokias and printers he’s attacked in temper, the bugger’s still bloody there. It’s at least a year until the general election. We may yet get the instructional voting videos in the post.